Introduction to the Animal Care College

I am the Studies Co-ordinator of the Animal Care College and since posting videos on You Tube and starting my Weblog I have often been asked for more information about myself (’Who are you to lecture people on dog breeding?’ is a common question) and the Animal Care College.

I have always been a teacher – it was built into my DNA through my mother while the patience it requires came from my father. For the first twenty-five years of my working life I was a real teacher – in a classroom with a bunch of unruly sixteen to eighteen year olds but I got involved in dogs and caring for animals thirty five years ago. As a result I was lucky enough to become friends with some of the most influential and well-informed people in a world that is a passion for millions and a working environment for many, many thousands. The internationally renowned judges, Joe Cartledge, Bobby James and Catherine Sutton; the writers Wendy Boorer and Kay White, the prominent administrators Barry Huckle of the Pet Care Trust and ‘Tod’ Sweeny, the Director General of Battersea Dogs Home among many others all provided friendship and a knowledge base which was rich and has been enduring.

So the establishment of the Animal Care College in 1980 was in many ways a natural progression. It was the first distance learning centre of its kind and we quickly became established and successful – so successful others, including some of our past students and tutors, have copied our approach and materials and in one case, even our name. So beware of imitations!.

However, being first gave the Animal Care College an advantage. Not only are our courses very well established and externally accredited but they are recognised as valuable qualifications throughout the UK. Our students are not only self-employed as behaviourists and trainers but work for charities and commercial establishments throughout the country because the possession of an Animal Care College and National Open College Network certificate means a great deal: not just that the holder is interested in animals but that they have the courage, enthusiasm and stamina to take on and complete courses which, at the upper levels certainly, are demanding and challenging.

External verification ensures that Animal Care College courses are not easy options. Completion not only gives a great sense of achievement but really means something to the world outside.

Also, and unlike many of our competitors, the College has a strict Code of Practice approved by the British Association of Correspondence Colleges (we are the only members in this field incidentally), a regular Newsletter, a dedicated Message Board where students can have direct contact with each other, a comprehensive Learner Agreement, a Student Study Guide and well established procedures for complaints and appeals.

Learning is hard work, I am afraid and I can do nothing about that but from our offices at Ascot and from each student’s allocated personal tutor anyone taking a course will receive all the support they need to succeed.

Browse through our Prospectus at uk and our pages of Frequently Asked Questions – and do contact us if you have any further queries. Our satisfaction comes from your achievement and we want to help.

You want more information as to my credentials you can see a full CV by clicking on

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