How to buy and care for your new puppy

Animal Care College – caring for people caring for animals

Helping potential puppy owners find a suitable puppy.

A unique, new and free course from the

Animal Care College


What do



Dogs Trust

Blue Cross

Pet Care Trust

The Kennel Club

Battersea Dogs Home

British Veterinary Association

National Association of Dog Wardens

British Small Animal Veterinary Association

Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


all have in common?

They have all said:

‘It would be in the best interests of dogs, owners, society and the environment if those people buying a puppy were helped to buy responsibly and care for their pet properly’.

Many families behave very responsibly and most dogs are well looked after but despite dozens of books, thousands of leaflets and innumerable pages of advice on the Internet there are still too many dogs being offered to rescue centres, running around the streets and biting family, friends and strangers.


What has been missing?

Simple!  There has been no formal, well-designed training course which would ensure that individuals and families thoroughly understand:

the responsibilities of pet ownership,

the best way of buying a puppy

the best way of caring for and training your puppy


There is now!

And it’s free!

The Animal Care College has been providing distance learning courses for enthusiasts and professionals for over thirty years and has decided to take the lead in providing two free, comprehensive courses for families or individuals thinking of:

  • buying a puppy
  • ensuring  that your new puppy is properly trained and cared for

The course is available entirely online and provides many links to carefully researched, important and useful advice, videos and information from among others, the Kennel Club, the Pet Care Trust and the Guild of Dog Trainers, all of which has been carefully researched.

Go to the


And click on the our website or  click on the link below to go directto

Buying and caring for your puppy

It’s Free!

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